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  • 08 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 12:50

Here's Victory Azmi

Here's Victory Azmi
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Ugur Yucel and Beren Saat starring, visually and hearing impaired young girl Elaine's success story was told of the My World film, a dark and silent world despite the word"impossible"lacking story and everyone was intrigued.

İzmir news: Ugur Yucel and Beren Saat starring, visually and hearing impaired young girl Elaine's success story was told of the My World film, a dark and silent world despite the word"impossible"lacking story and everyone was intrigued. Congenitally blind and 90 per cent because of hearing loss only hearing the very least can hear from Izmir Galilee Long, in the same film as nothing is"impossible"that, Yasar University School of Law 100 percent scholarship winning and with determination 3 proved by coming to class. 3
Yasar University School of Law 23-year-old Galilee Long-grader, a teacher father and a homemaker mother as the child was born. Galilee, was visually impaired from birth, a few years later in his ears, hearing loss appeared to be about 90 per cent. However, with the guidance of the family of Galilee, embitterment was no time, no education from the first day did not break. A revolt leading to the first school for blind children in the Galilee Long, which debuted in 2006 in Secondary Education Exam Pass Çiğli Anatolian High School, won the Star Haystacks. Headphones with the help of Galilee can be heard very little long, unobstructed studied with students. Galilee Long,"high school in 2nd grade this section to fall in to facilitate equal weight division chose. A visually impaired difficult part was. Because math resources to access was a bit difficult. Dad's to be teachers to overcome the problems in our provided as a convenience. This support finished high school,"he said.

To reach the biggest factor in the support of her family, as well as school for blind children in the teachers indicating that the Galilee Long, said :"Run ehberlik, English and music teachers seeing was not gay. One day the visually impaired school a seminar was organized. Izmir Directorate of Social Services of the lawyer one person came. Himself vision was not gay. these people, me positive was exemplary. Received in the Holy Quran and Selim Altınok brothers recognized. Visually impaired lawyer and musician brothers. these brothers are graduating from Istanbul University in the 90s. someone other first period, the second period. viewed them fail when I'm not even counted."
High School 3 class while studying at Yaşar University, a classical music concert with her classmates arrived explaining that they Galilee Long, said continued :"O time school employees the attention of liked it a lot. Secondly dating'm the university entrance exam while preparing for university law faculties to get information It was during. Yasar from the University received information, read here believe I can by my choice in this direction have used. university exam enter the Yaşar University, 100 per cent as a scholarship I won. Law School as a scholarship student entering the 10 people I'm one."SPECIAL CLASSES FOR
Yasar University, Dean of the Faculty of Law. Dr.. Mustafa Ruhan Erdem, Galilee of the class average on the notes that you have added the following:"The Galilee, three years of our students first and foremost we are also inexperienced, but we her barrier classes according to our lectures, our system organized. Only headset, and very little can hear the amp in a special sound system was installed. course we heard of it to be a special microphone that sound using the system are telling. This system outside of the other students under identical conditions is training. Examination of the one-question reading're doing. successful in the future a lawyer willing to support the full."INTENDED TO BE ACADEMİCİAN

their course with the help of headphones and follow them through special computer software to record your voice or with the help of Turkey Blind embossing Library that can convert into a long Galilee,"If I do not hear seen 100 percent to 90 percent. interests at all if I do not hear my headset. Devices Through my stories, I'm closing lecture courses I can follow through on the sound system,"he said. Long, stating that there is a chance to do when you graduate law"Judges and prosecutors need a legal regulation. But I want to train students to make academic careers."
film visual and hearing disability a person who tell Despite wanting to watch visual and hearing disabilities an opportunity to not fulfilled My World movie could not attend said Jalil Long, said completed :"D abused for scenes and for the hearing impaired, some studies have been done. Description through the various studies been done would have been nice. it all in cinemas important to. England give an example from want. Ministry a blind friend, doctoral training abroad for posted. cinema hall going to the ticket are taking. Salon entering voice descriptors to follow a headset give. these headphones with the visually impaired watching the film, she imagery through the film is able to follow. these I wish I had come to Turkey if I and other disabled people have watched this young woman's story was."

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